Cold Brew Sampler Bundle


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Cold Brew Sampler Bundle
Cold Brew Sampler Bundle

One of you asked for this. We're not going to name names, but if you see the person, go ahead and thank them.

This sixer has your favorite flavors, and probably some of your new faves! Get in on the Pumpkin action, try the vanilla, and keep the caffeine up with the OG.

In addition to the cans, we're throwing in a couple of perty drankin glasses. You see, it's easy to see what you're drinking when it's in the can, but you're going to be so busy drinking these delicious bevs, that when people come up to you on the street, it's just going to be such a hassle for you when they try and interrupt your caffeine consumption to ask you what you're drinking. Thus, the CC Rocks glass. No need for interruptions; the CCs are right there on the glass!

All cans 11.5 oz.

2x Vanilla Cold Brew Latte

2x Pumpkin Cold Brew Latte

2x OG Nitro Cold Brew

2x CC Rocks Glass

Cold Brew Sampler Bundle
Cold Brew Sampler Bundle

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful Sampler/ Gift

Great taste! Could not decide which one to pick all were so Bomb Diggity!


Vanilla was my least favorite the plain black was freaking awesome

Great gift.....for myself

Seems to be a good product. The rocks glasses are nice. I ordered PAF mugs which I like. There’s was a small hiccup, my mugs were broken, but they responded swiftly and I received them before Christmas. I haven’t tried the coffee yet not too worried about it though!

Good shi...stuff!

Love the sampler giving me an opportunity to try a few cans before buying a case. LOVE the OG but vanilla wasn’t all that great. Pumpkin is definitely better than vanilla but nothing beats the OG. Also the glasses that come in sampler are great quality.

Damn good coffee.

Order came with 6 cans of coffee, 2 regular, 2 vanilla and 2 pumpkin. Also included 2 Caveman Coffee glasses that arrived in perfect shape and of high quality. Every flavor was delicious, but my favorite was the regular. All are high quality beverages and definitely worth the money.

Woot Woot!

Tired classic black coffee before and absolutely loved it! Wasnt a fan of the vanilla flavor at all. Pumpkin was better but wont be trying them again either. Glasses are awesome set and add a great touch to this sampler pack. If I could, definitely would recommend this to anyone to try!!

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