Vanilla Cold Brew Latte


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Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte

 It's creamy. It's sweet. It's all the vanilla latte you're looking for without all the crap. 

 We created this line of beverages to be an indulgent treat that you can enjoy without the guilt. Developing nutrition-focused and performance-based products is our mission, and we worked closely with our community (YOU!) to deliver just that with these cans.

 You can drink this on a paleo diet. You can drink this on a keto diet. You can even drink this on a plant-based diet (or whatever we're calling it these days).

It's an excellent source of caffeine, fat and you even get a little protein, calcium, potassium and sodium! WHAT?! Coffee with salt? You betcha. 

Go ahead, salivate and calculate (salculate, if you will) over the nutrition facts while you're placing your order. 

Nutrition Facts: 

Total Fat 6g

Total Sodium 102mg

Total Carb: 13 G (7.3 Net Carbs) 

Protein: 1g 

Calcium: 102 mg

Potassium 850 mg

Caffeine: 200mg 


  • Cold Brew Coffee (filtered water, coffee beans)
  • Gum Acacia (Whole 30 Approved) 
  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconut) 
  • Potassium Citrate  (It's fine, look it up)
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor! (Delicious) 
  • Xanthum Gum (Whole 30 Approved) 
  • Salt (It's really good for you and also balances out the bitterness of stevia.)
  • Stevia Leaf Extract (makes it just enough sweet without sugar)


Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte
Vanilla Cold Brew Latte

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Flavor!!

Love the coffee!!!

Deliciously Amazing Awesomeness!

Absolutely amazing! This is exactly what you would expect from Caveman. Nitro is my go to instead of getting an energy drink and now I’ve got flavor options and couldn’t be happier that there’s vanilla latte as a flavor. I love that it’s sugar free and that they use Stevia extract. Healthy and delicious! I don’t have to sacrifice my six pack to have a six pack of Vanilla Cold Brew Latte!

Good But Not Great

Really smooth and a great smell. Really wish it didn't have an odd almost Diet Coke like after taste. Gets better as you drink it but it's unfortunate since it's a good cold brew. If the after taste was better then I would easily subscribe and get more. Overall a good coffee that could have been great.

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