White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast


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White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast

The White Gold 2.0 is a harmonious blend of beans from the Cauca region in Colombia and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. With each sip, notes of deep caramel and tropical fruits give way to sweet citrus and a slightly floral finish.

As part of our original bean lineup, the White Gold has always been Caveman’s magic fuel. We’re proud to offer this premium, ethically sourced coffee as it celebrates the passion and artistry of every hand involved, from ground to cup.

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Tropical Fruit, Candied Citrus, Medium Body
Growing Region: Colombia, Ethiopia
Growing Elevation: 2050 Meters (Colombia), 1800-2000 Meters (Ethiopia)
Processing Method: Washed


Colombia Gran GalopeOrange Blossom, Cocoa, Balanced
Huila, Colombia
Located in and among the valleys of the Colombian Andes Mountains are thousands of smallholder farms. The altitude, the low-sloping mountainsides, and the attached cloudbanks create an atmosphere ideal for coffee here in the Huila Department. Signature notes of orange blossom among other light citrus are present in the cup, along with cocoa, a medium body, and a clean, balanced finished.  
The average smallholder farm here has about 1.5 hectares of coffee land and produces about 50 bags of coffee per harvest. While many of the farmers in this region sell coffee into the market at an almost break-even price, the Gran Galope program incentivizes farmers to produce quality through premiums based on cup scores. These premiums can then used by the producers for improved housing, education, and health care for their families. We buy great coffee, and we feel good supporting the Gran Galope program and the impact it’s having for the farmers who are a part of it.
Ethiopia WorkaPeach, Meyer Lemon, Jasmine
Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Fruit and Florals. This lot from the Wuri washing station in Worka exemplifies what we look for in great Ethiopian Yirgs. The cup opens with subtle citrus notes, transitions into stone-fruit sweetness, and ends with a clean finish and the lingering scent of Jasmine florals. This lot was a shining star. 


White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast
White Gold - Colombian/Ethiopian Roast

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great coffee

Amazing taste! It’s nice to wake up and have a white gold on a gold CC cup!

Always great waking up to white gold!!

Really enjoyable cup of Joe

Best coffee on the planet!

Smooth, delicious, every time! By far my favorite roast!!

White gold

Anyone who really enjoys coffee needs to sample white gold
Simply the best coffee you will have add a dash of MCT oil a little butter and some cinnamon & you are good to go sets you up for the day

White Gold

Coffee was really good, had a nice even roast and fruit dominated flavor.

Quality and Service

Both are first class and they treat our military with true patriotism! Super company! Scott Mccall

Best coffee I’ve ever had

I’ve been following this company for years and I finally decided to try them out. I purchased the mammoth roast plus and the white gold and the only regret I have is not trying it sooner. Could not be happier with the product and customer service. For sure will be buying more once I run out

Gold. Period.

Should anything less than gold be expected coming from Caveman Coffee? I don't believe so. Even with holding them at such a high standard they STILL blow me out of the water with this new blend for their White Gold coffee. Espresso? Of course. Pour over? Duh. French press? Only when I want to wear my beret and elegant moustache, but yes.
Preworkout game on this coffee is also particularly strong (but what more do you expect from a brand that prides itself on fueling bad mammajammas). I'm pretty sure this coffee has helped me put in more miles and reps than The Rock could do on a good day.
It's good coffee. If you're reading this, than you're curious enough to try it so stop doubting yourself and just buy it. Join the rest of us caffeine freaks and adrenaline junkies and get hooked with a healthy addiction like a good human.
White gold. The gold standard for light roasts. Period.

My #1

This is the best of the best ..this is the coffee that gets attention ..id make a pot and not tell anyone what it was and it always had people talking. I love it , this is my new favorite , i just wish it was a little lower in price or i at least got shipped free..

White Gold

It is good.. but not quite as good as the original white gold. Please bring it back!

Company is great and takes care of customers well. Overall some of the best coffee products out there.

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